What makes Indomie products so special is the fact that they do not require great culinary experience or a lot of time to prepare, so you can get a complete healthy meal suitable for all age groups in just a few minutes. Indomie products are unique because you can enjoy a quick and delicious meal, prepared in under 3 minutes. Every pack of Indomie noodles comes with seasonings packed in individual sachets, so you can add them and adjust the flavours to your liking and taste. For those of you who are constantly in a rush and do not have time to eat proper meals, we recommend Indomie cup noodles which can be prepared anytime and anywhere. You simply add boiling water to your Indomie cup noodles, add the seasonings of your choice and you can enjoy your meal after just a couple of minutes.

The simplicity and quickness of preparation and the fact that you can eat it anytime and anywhere, make Indomie noodles the perfect meal. 

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