Indofood is the leading producer of instant noodles in the world and its products are distributed to all continents. What started as a small, family-run business in 1982, grew to be one of the most successful business ventures in the history of Indonesia and one of the most recognizable Indonesian brands.

Distributor of Indomie products is Adriatic Group. Adriatic Group distributes processed food products to the EU market. Adriatic Group partners have signed a partnership agreement with multiple distribution companies in Europe. 

Naming and slogan

"Indo" stands for Indonesia, and "Mie" means "noodles" in Indonesian. Therefore, "Indomie" means "noodles from Indonesia or Indonesian noodles". 


After Chinese archaeologists found traces of 4000 years-old noodles which contained foxtail millet, a grain typically used for making noodles in China, Italians and Arabs could only admit defeat in this heated debate on the origin of noodles. It is believed that they rapidly spread from China to other parts of Asia. Soon after, Chinese merchants brought them to Europe, where Italian culinary chefs modified their form and way of production and created, what we call it today, spaghetti. However, the difference is still visible even today: Asian thin strips of dough are known as noodles in everyday speech, while Italian ones have kept their Italian name - spaghetti.

Noodles are a type of food, usually made from unleavened dough which is rolled and cut into a variety of different shapes. While noodles are commonly in the form of long, thin strips, other types of pasta can be cut into waves, spirals, tubes, shells, or they can be folded over and cut into other shapes. Noodles are usually cooked in boiling water, to which cooking oil and salt are sometimes added. Often they are stir-fried on a pan and can even be stored in the freezer. They are often served with an accompanying sauce or in a soup. They can be stored in a refrigerator for a short while, and if dried, they can be stored for a long-term use.


Products which are currently available on the market are Indomie noodles in 4 different flavours:
Mi Goreng
Indomie cup noodles come in 2 different flavours:
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